Source Academy Module System


Source Academy is an open-source immersive online experiential environment for learning programming, developed in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore, currently headed by the Source Academy 2021 leadership team.

Every year, freshmen in the School of Computing will take CS1101S, a module that introduces the concepts of programming and computational problem solving, and is the first and foremost introductory module to computing. This module’s course material is mainly conveyed through the Source Academy.

Modules System

The Source Academy Modules system aims to decouple Source modules from the frontend and backend of Source Academy, as well as the implementation of Source language, creating an environment where students can easily create modules to be used with the Source Academy development environment and are also able to create dynamic user interfaces that interact with Source programs.

An example of the Curves and PixNFlix Modules can be seen in the gif above. This project was awarded 1st place in 18th SoC Term Project Showcase (STePS) MIP-FYP-UR category.

To learn more, visit the official wiki of the Source Modules System or our presentation slides.

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