Google Developer Student Club - Project Sight Words


In collaboration with Dyslexic Association of Singapore (DAS), Project Sight Words aims to make learning fun for dyslexic students with an online learning platform that is engaging and customized to their learning needs by using a multi-sensory approach. The platform will have two fronts, a progressive web app to teach students how to read and write through interactive learning, as well as a teacher management portal to help educators manage their lessons and students progress more conveniently.

We envision this platform to engage the students’ visual, auditory and tactile senses to help them absorb and learn words. As these students have a learning impairment, our platform will need to be carefully designed to cater to them. The final product will be a deliberate combination of design and engineering to aid DAS’s students in their learning.


  • Create a more engaging learning experience for the students
  • Support Dyslexic Association of Singapore’s (DAS) mission by building a new cross platform app that helps DAS educators better teach their dyslexic students
  • Support the teachers in managing classes of dyslexic learners by being able to organize and conduct lessons faster with minimal preparations


  • Dyslexic students have trouble associating words and their sounds which makes it difficult for them to process languages.
  • Current teaching methods at DAS are manual and done on paper, which limits the level of engagement and fun for students.
  • Teachers spend a long time preparing for each lesson. Each class size is small, but there are a large number of classes, with a total of over 3100 students. Since DAS educators tailor their lessons according to the student’s ability in their classes, this makes it tedious to prepare for all lessons, as well as making it hard to keep track of and manage them.

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