“Top 8 Teams” Award Winner, Hack&Roll 2022


Hack&Roll is Singapore’s largest student-run hackathon, with 532 participants in Hack&Roll 2022. I was inspired to improve NUSMods, a student-run open source project allowing students to plan timetables and modules, as its current module review system was under utilised by students as it was cumbersome and slow to write long reviews.


Leading a team of 4 and in 24 hours, we came up with Ratings, an alternative review system inspired by Glassdoor that aims to encourage more students to provide feedback by streamlining the process as well as allowing prospective students of a module to better understand the module easily.

The improved system allows for a quick poll of the student’s experience with the module, something that can be done in under a minute, with the option of providing more details for those who still wish to do so. This created a quick and easy rating system to encourage students to provide feedback on modules, aiding future students’ module planning efforts by being able to better grasp of the weekly workload, content difficulty and the best lecturers.

For our efforts, we were awarded the top prize of “Top 8”, where the best 8 teams were selected by a panel of judges in no particular order and presented the award.

Project link: https://devpost.com/software/ratings